First Friends on the Radio Airwaves

This is radio bonanza week for me!

Not only do I get to join David Coursey on KSCO Pet Radio again (this time to talk about dog behavior and training*) but Saturday I began learning about broadcast and recording equipment at our local community education station KBCZ 90.1 fm in preparation for starting my own short radio program Pet Talk  later this month. Tomorrow, Monday February 4, I’ll be on All My Children Wear Fur Coats Radio Show to talk about the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelters programs.

Pet Talk will be about pet-friendly events and venues, pet related businesses, putting a spotlight on local shelters and rescues and promoting a Pet of the Week from them, reviewing pet products, dog walks, and animal related books too. I’ll be taking on-air and emailed in questions too! What questions would you like to have answered about your dogs?

* Dogs do what works and they do what they do for legitimate reasons!

When your dog is behaving in a way that won’t work for your family, it is important to examine what is happening, explore why it is happening, and make a plan to have an alternative behavior in place that meets your needs as well as your dog’s needs.

To do this, we generally use a combination of management (modifying the dog’s environment) and training (shifting how the dog feels about things and reacts to things). We can also put the Premack Principle into action.  What is the Premack Principle you might ask? Some know it as Gramma’s Dinner Table Rule, “You have to eat your vegetables before you get dessert”.




I am a wandering hedge-scholar. Feet in the dirt, head in the clouds, dog by my side!
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